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The Silver Users Association Is Shrinking!

Is the deadened aura of hopelessness in the silver market about to be removed?
Presented July 2015 by Charles Savoie

I noticed this on July 4, 2015! The Silver Users Association website has been revamped and several major changes are noted. The archived Washington Reports appear to have been deleted (Ted Butler and I were quoted) but the main eyebrow-raiser is I do not find either Dow Chemical or Du Pont listed, and they’ve been listed as far back as I remember in 2000 when I started researching silver. These have long been the twin pillars of the SUA especially since Kodak ran into troubles. D & D use silver in upwards of 300 chemical catalytic processes. Their businesses would be paralyzed without silver! The SUA has had significant dependency over the years on primary silver miners to contribute a measurable percentage of annual world silver mine supply. But as long as most silver supply came from polymetallic mining, divestitures from government stockpiles (“leasing”) and disinvestment, the users have had no compunction about severely price abusing the primary silver miners. It reminds me of the old Romans sending runners up into the Apennine Mountains to gather snow for ruling class festivals, and being told that if they returned late, or with an amount of snow deemed insufficient, their families would be killed. In August 2000, Sunshine Mining & Refining filed for bankruptcy, the Silver Users association and its megabanker sponsors having wrecked it with appalling low prices, and cast the dry husk away like an assassin bug or robber fly after sucking a victim dry! The primary silver miner as of this time and for many years, is comparable to an old hound dog, his vitality drained away by a pack of ticks, which in this case are the member companies of the Silver Users Association. Between the gold and silver mining companies, probably more than $250 billion in market capitalization (share prices) is currently nonexistent due to the naked shorting of COMEX “silver” and gold shorting—mainly to make the Federal Reserve dollar look strong.

I am wanting to interpret the absence of our two biggest chemical industry giants from the SUA roster as a sign that a blow-up is on the near horizon. Besides reviewing their alphabetized roster, I used their search function and again found no mention of Dow or Du Pont. Does their absence signify they found a better catalytic substance than silver? We all know better than that. Does their departure suggest a wish to distance themselves from an approaching scandal? Between Dow & Du Pont they have 117,000 employees. If large layoffs transpire due to a protracted silver shortage, will “hoarders” and “speculators” be blamed? Consider the advertising patronage many media sources have received from these giants for decades! The media is always on the side of infamy!

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