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Presented April 2017 by Charles Savoie
(Message sent to State legislators who’ve been in contact with me)

Tennessee State Representative Bud Hulsey
Idaho State Representative Ronald Nate


You are the first State lawmakers I’ve had responses from re issues surrounding the Texas State Bullion Depository. To the point—on April 5, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102 nationalizing gold. On August 9, 1934, Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6814 nationalizing silver. These EO’s are said to be due to national emergency conditions caused by the Great Depression and the attempt to recover therefrom. More to the point, they were used to prevent capital formation outside Wall Street influence circles. FDR was so connected to the Money Power that two of his sons and his daughter in law became members of their top organization. FDR Jr. married into the Du Pont family in 1937, large industrial users of silver always with a pirate’s interest in getting silver on the cheap! After nationalization of these metals, citizens were additionally confiscated of gains they’d have made absent the nationalization.

We are in a time of threatening monetary crisis. The Federal government’s debt, unfunded entitlements and spending beggars description. A dollar collapse appears certain. Other nations are weary of dollarization. China and Russia have accumulated much gold out of recognition of the history of gold and in that aspect appear to be smarter than our national leadership.

If you are serious about having precious metals bullion depositories in your States, I submit you should thoughtfully consider getting your colleagues to consider issuing a legislative declaration or communiqué to be delivered to President Trump, that he in no case issue any EO’s nationalizing any precious metal, regardless of rationale (“there’s no silver for a military silver reserve”) well we HAD 165 million ounces of silver as of 1970 for that purpose, and it was drained for price suppression over a three decade period of reprehensible subversion. And I believe all by intent. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger presided over 24,435,000 silver ounces bled out of the silver reserve, used for price restraint. The intent is to say Americans possessing gold and silver must now turn them in to Uncle Sam due to “national emergency.” Always appeal to crisis conditions is used to inflict the greatest depredation on the citizenry. No Fort Knox gold audit has transpired since 1953! I submit that gold is way gone to the four winds for price suppression to support the illusion of the Federal Reserve currency. Treasury Secretary William Simon in 1974 promised some U.S. Senators (representatives of State interests in D.C.) a Fort Knox tour; he reneged; and later wrote a hollow book “A Time for Truth.” In January 1980 Simon on the COMEX governing board led the charge to eviscerate the Hunts. More importantly, that action was about maintaining supremacy for synthetic money! Rising precious metals prices show paper/digital dollars are no store of value and as money, only useful for pauperizing the 99%.

Why should residents of your States turn gold and silver over to the DC government, which is just a Wall Street subsidiary with Rothschild alumnus Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary, when D.C. won’t allow audit of Fort Knox nor of the Federal Reserve? And flushed the former military silver reserve to support COMEX short sellers? In all cases in which the Federal government has had a stockpile of gold and silver, the metal has been dedicated to price suppression purposes and publicly admitted by Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon in The Economist, London, July 13, 1963, page 166.

Your States may not have much gold or silver within their borders if these metals are summarily drained away to the District of Columbia by sudden Executive Order; hence your bullion depository ideas are subject to being seriously impaired. You really should consider taking preemptive action to protect your States, and it would send a signal to other States to follow such a lead. Were I a State legislator I’d be working on such an endeavor with all sense of urgency. Shattering events come out of nowhere. We may arise one day in the not distant future and become aware that a U.S. Navy vessel has been attacked in the Pacific—by North Korea; or by China, with whom we also have some friction. That could spur a crisis declaration that U.S. residents MUST surrender hard silver to the Federal government! Those responsible for generations of price suppression of silver intend to dispossess honest Americans of their natural right to use silver for its highest purpose; as a money that can’t go broke!

Soon thereafter or before such potential situation, we are subject to hearing that a certain large nation or nations are ceasing all purchases of U.S. Treasuries. That could be used as rationale to order gold nationalized. This has happened before if in a different form; the existence of precedence is a threat in itself. In tandem with such a protective resolution on your part should be two other declarations—1) No Federal measure to require gold and silver dealers in your States to remit all precious metals they buy from the public, to the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, the Defense Department, or any new monster agency; and 2) If megabanks impose a “bail-in” on their depositors meaning they cannot access demand deposits and are “given” shares instead (probably restricted, nonvoting shares “collared” at a toilet price), States should seize all buildings, property and assets owned by such banks, and additionally that all debts owed to such banks by State residents and the State government, are declared expunged.

This is not to be taken as unpatriotic, but that sound policy must start at State level. Paul Volcker has been effecting large scale dispossession of precious metals from lawful owners for over a third of a century and has driven many investors into bankruptcy. Here’s Volcker at Getty Images in 1993 with Donald Trump in tow.

My long studies of financial history very alarmingly show a frightening pattern of evil men acting before good men have thoughtfully conferred and acted to protect themselves in advance. I’ve also noted this hellishly ominous thing of concentrated interests acting to block capital formation outside their influence circles. If Federal Reserve “dollars” fall to zero value, what will fill the void of the former perceived value represented by a ruined currency? Gold and silver are subject to taking on enormous value. If they are stolen from public hands, what money will be available to serve commerce in your States? Cyber currency may have a role but it cannot play the only role. Ted Butler has established a thorough record of megabanks acting for decades to suppress silver prices. A recent item appeared again confirming the Federal government cannot be trusted regarding its own statements concerning precious metals.

Please think about it, you have influence that can begin to cure America of its monetary ills!

Charles Savoie

Red Alert On Texas State Bullion Depository”


(Readers! Please forward this to your state legislators involved in gold, silver and State bullion depository legislation!)

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