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Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark (Part 1)

Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark
Presented As A Three Piece Series
July 2014 by Charles Savoie

“Who are these Pilgrims? I have since made a study of them. Their organization is one of immense power, and just now they hold our country in the hollow of their hands. They control the banks, they control the press and can sway public sentiment by means of their corrupt news services from one end of the country to the other. They are determined to force this country into war.”

“A powerful and unscrupulous aristocratic plutocracy has seized upon the strength and resources of our nation. Great English bankers have been plotting here for years to seize the reins of government. So far, these men have succeeded.”

“The Society of Pilgrims is operating to promote war between this country and the Central Powers of Europe.”

“We have become subjects of a pro-British group of plutocrats who sneer at the wishes of the public and force it to their will.”

“Enough has been shown here to demonstrate the great peril to our country of this sinister organization, the Pilgrims of the United States. I address my fellow countrymen to caution them and to warn them of the dreadful consequences that will ensue if this English banking group of Wall Street is permitted to continue in power. Their coordinated operations are of so menacing a character, their combined power is so vast, their control of funds so immeasurable, that if we do not combine against this association, a catastrophe will certainly come upon our country that has no parallel in history.”

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