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Silver Squelchers Twenty Six & Their Interesting Associates

Silver Squelchers Twenty Six & Their Interesting Associates

Miscellaneous Members of The Pilgrims Part I
Religious & Related Operators

by Charles Savoie

If you wanted to create a world government, would you entirely dismiss the aspect of religion? Not if you wanted to control a large percent of humanity. I can’t say if the globalists are atheists, religionists, devil worshippers. Mostly they feel they’re entitled to control everyone’s lives and decide our fate. Whether they see that as a calling of God or are consciously in service to ultimate evil I can’t say. Classical “Illuminati” doctrine was atheistic. This episode will cover some religious figures known to be members of The Pilgrims. We may round out the length by reviewing several others unrelated. Numbers 26 through 29 are all under the master classification of miscellaneous members. We will meet some interesting characters. Billions of people are subject to being manipulated by religious influences. The idea of a world church fits with a world government. There’s also huge revenue streams in religion—much bigger than televangelists! As we’ll see, there are deep conflicts in these religious spheres—conflicts which go back many centuries. Be that as it may, the march towards planetary domination continues, with many conflicting matters due to be settled one way or another at a later date. Always what’s on the front burner matters most to the globalists.

Most of what we’ll be reviewing this time could be called the “ecumenical” movement, allegedly defined as a project to unite religious groups having significant differences. Since The Pilgrims Society exists in the Christian West, the question becomes, will this ecumenical movement end up being run by the head of the Anglican Church of England, or by the Roman Catholic Pope in Rome? I can’t conceive either leader conceding to the other, so all seeming concordats between the two factions, having this deep schism especially since the 1500s, will not have an ultimate resolution—unless hypersonic missiles wipe out Rome, which I regard as much more likely than London being struck. There are many instances of Pilgrims members from bygone years involved in this ecumenical movement. Joseph Irwin Miller (“spook”) was a member of the executive and central committee of the World Council of Churches (Who’s Who in America, 1966-1967, page 1468). He was a major industrialist and financier based in Indiana with his fortune centered in Cummins Engine Company. Scroll down about 55% at to read more on Miller, an anti-silver activist during the Eisenhower administration who was a member of the United Nations Commission on Multinational Corporations. The 1974-1975 Who’s Who in America, page 2385, shows Charles Coolidge Parlin became president of the World Methodist Council in 1970. During 1961 to 1968 he was president of the World Council of Churches. The Who’s Who listings on Miller and Parlin show nothing about The Pilgrims—but they are both in the leaked lists! Parlin was a director of silver user Celanese Corporation, Schlumberger, Potash Corporation and First National City Bank. There are other examples!

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