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Silver Squelchers Twenty Seven & Their Interesting Associates

Silver Squelchers Twenty Seven & Their Interesting Associates

Miscellaneous Members of The Pilgrims Society Part II
Current and Recent Officials of The Pilgrims Society

by Charles Savoie

How will the good people of the world force The Pilgrims Society and its satellite groups—Trilaterals, Bilderberg and others—to close down? Will we chant as John Singing Rock did in “The Manitou” (1978 Native American horror) —“Mountain Manitou—hold Misquimakwas in the circle of charms!”

We’ve already profiled several recent and/or current officials of The Pilgrims Society. See for example second generation member Miner Hill Warner in Silver Squelchers Nineteen, pages 1 through twenty nine and Ronald Freeman in Silver Squelchers Seventeen, pages 2 through 22 and Lord Boyce in Silver Squelchers Twenty Three, pages 113 to 128. See also Silver Squelchers Nineteen, pages 59 through 99, especially page 68, for David T. Schiff, a Pilgrims executive committee member.

1) Sir Robert Milton Worcester (1933—chairman, The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, 1993-2010) became a member after the 1980 roster and by 1991 or before. Now I see in “The Pilgrims of Great Britain” (2003, page 47) that he became a member in 1984 and on the executive committee as of 1989. This document dated 1993, sourced by the greatly talented Joel Van Der Reijden, shows him on the executive committee in London. He’s also a Knight Commander of the British Empire. He and his wife reside at their private residence, which is Allington Castle in Kent, England, built back in the 13th century and is joint office of The Pilgrims of Great Britain with their offices in The City financial district; some Society meetings take place here—

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