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Silver Squelchers Twenty One & Their Interesting Associates: Megabankers in The Society

Megabankers are one of the hardest groups in The Pilgrims Society on which to document membership. However past patterns, seen in lists from 1980 on back to 1914 and the charter members, indicate that if those patterns are followed, and there’s no cause why they shouldn’t be—we may expect, if we have an actual updated roster for both branches, to find members in top management and the boards of directors of banks including—Wells Fargo (263,900 employees); Citigroup (243,000 employees); JPM Chase (265,359 employees); Bank of America (233,000 employees); Bank of New York Mellon (50,300 employees, manages $28 trillion); more Barclays bankers (132,300 employees); more HSBC bankers (80 countries and over 50 million customers); Royal Bank of Scotland (33 million customers); Lloyd’s Banking Group (45,856 employees); Standard Chartered Bank (70 countries and 87,000 employees); Bank of Montreal (46,778 employees); Toronto Dominion Bank (79,000 employees); Royal Bank of Canada (73,500 employees); CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 44,424 employees); Scotia Bank (Bank of Nova Scotia, 87,000 employees); National Bank of Canada (20,000 employees); Northern Trust (14,100 employees); PNC Bank (2,700 branches and 52,000 employees); Capital One Bank (41,100 employees); Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (48,239 employees); Commonwealth Bank of Australia (44,329 employees); Western Pacific Banking Corporation of Australia (36,000 employees); and others including Swiss banks. Controlling the mainland European and the Japanese banking systems through Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission, you see “The One Bank” effect however; what we must force out into the light of day are the current members of The Pilgrims, the top globalist group and the only one still refusing to release their roster! So it isn’t splitting hairs in any sense to go after The Pilgrims, rather than the One Bank. Robert Cutting Lawrence III, to be profiled in #28 or 29, Royalty & Noble Hereditary Ancestry in The Pilgrims, could also be placed in the megabankers group; you’ll see why, but is best adapted for #28 or 29 (two parts).

Have I worn you out with content? Try researching and presenting a series this extensive on any other topic. I did it all for free because the public has a right to know about this Pilgrims Society network. “If it is to be, it is up to me” can also be your slogan on any worthwhile cause. As a small opener note that

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