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Silver Squelchers Twenty Nine & Their Interesting Associates

Silver Squelchers Twenty Nine & Their Interesting Associates

Miscellaneous Members of The Pilgrims Society Part IV
Pharma Kingpins & Other Shady Operators!

by Charles Savoie

“The activities of what has been identified as the most powerful international society on earth, the “Pilgrims,” are so wrapped in silence that few know even of its existence since 1903.” page 8, “The Empire of The City” (1946, E.C. Knuth).

The Vaccine Conspiracy Originates Within The Pilgrims Society!

1) Barry MacTaggart (1931—; Pilgrims Society as of undetermined) was chairman of the intensely demonized Pharma giant, Pfizer, succeeding Edmund T. Pratt Jr. in that position. Pratt, Pilgrims 1980, was also a Chase Manhattan Bank director. I haven’t determined which years these men headed Pfizer (later), but Pratt had the post circa late 1970s into at least the early 1980s, followed by MacTaggart. Now I find in “Globalization and Health” 2006, page 89) that as of July 9, 1982, as chairman of Pfizer, MacTaggart had an editorial published in the New York Times in which he spoke of a “global strategy.” Most likely by then MacTaggart was in The Pilgrims Society. However, there’s a contradiction, because as we’ll see later, the Pfizer site says that Pratt was chairman of Pfizer from 1972 to 1992. It could be a typo took place to make 1992 read 1982 in the book, because their site is more likely to have the years right. No; resolving the matter is that Pratt was overall chairman and MacTaggart chaired the international operations. MacTaggart, a native Australian, retired to Vero Beach, Florida, as Pilgrims Society members frequently do or have winter homes there. Here’s a limited view of his house—

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