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Silver Squelchers Thirty Two & Their Interesting Associates

Silver Squelchers Thirty Two & Their Interesting Associates

Royal & Hereditary Nobility Ancestry Part Two

by Charles Savoie

“It appears that all of the assets, including you and me are going back to the Crown and we are nothing but serfs.” —Joan Veon, International Women’s Media Group in “The Transfer of the World’s Wealth to the British Crown.” “The Society of Pilgrims thrives in a marvellous manner.”
—Illustrated London News, July 1, 1905.

1) Prince Andrew of England (1960—; Pilgrims Society as of undetermined), Duke of York, younger brother of Prince Charles (Pilgrims Society before 1980). Andrew is a member of the Royal Victorian Order (Knight Grand Cross), Order of the Garter, Commander and vice Admiral in the British Royal Navy. He was Britain’s special representative for International Trade and Investment 2001 into 2011. He was awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav in 1988 and in 2010 the Order of the Federation of the United Arab Emirates. He also holds the titles of Earl of Inverness (traces to 1718) and Baron Killyleagh. He’s a fellow of London’s prestigious Royal Society, founded in 1754. Prince Andrew was born in Buckingham Palace (see typical interior view following) —

“Prince Andrew is involved with more than 100 organizations.” The ridiculous lowball figure of $82 million is stated as his recent Annual earnings and his net worth is lowballed at $245 million. HUH? He’s 55, makes $82 million a year and is only worth $245 million?

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