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Silver Squelchers Thirty & Their Interesting Associates

Silver Squelchers Thirty & Their Interesting Associates

Neocons & Warmongers
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by Charles Savoie

Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson in the Congressional Record, August 19, 1940, referred to an address by Joseph H. Choate, Vanderbilt family operative, one of the founders of The Pilgrims, as saying that those members who would many years later celebrate the start of the second century of The Pilgrims in 2003— “…will have cause to bless their fathers that they founded this Society and kept the world on the right track.”

Take 32 seconds to hear what should be The Pilgrims theme music! “He spoke openly against the Society” (Line from “The Rifleman,” March 3, 1963)

In case you missed number 28, we discussed Tom Kean, who chaired the 911 Commission (pages 57-74); he qualifies as a neocon, a warmonger and in intelligence.

1) Tony Blair, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (1953—; Pilgrims Society as of undetermined) has a wife named Cherie and “a small flock of hens to provide daily fresh eggs,” presumably so he can add a tiny sum to his burgeoning fortune. Blair was British Prime Minister (1997-2007), leader of the Labour Party (1994-2007) and Shadow Home Secretary (1992-1994). About this Shadow Home Secretary we read— “In British politics, the Shadow Home Secretary is the person within the shadow cabinet who ‘shadows’ the Home Secretary; this effectively means scrutinizing government policy on
home affairs including policing, national security, immigration, the criminal justice system, the prison service, and matters of citizenship. If and when the opposition party is elected to government, the Shadow Home Secretary often becomes the new Home Secretary though this is not always the case.” During 1989 to 1992 Blair was Secretary of State for Employment and during 1988 and 1989 he was Shadow Secretary of State for Energy. During 1983 to 2007 Blair was a Member of Parliament for Sedgefield. He has an older brother, Sir William James Lynton Blair, who is a High Court Judge in the Queen’s Bench Division. He was of course appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, royal patron of The Pilgrims Society. I have no info as to whether Blair’s judge brother is a Pilgrims member. If not he’d certainly be in their orbit. During 2001 to 2008 the older brother was chairman of the Financial Services and Markets Tribunal and during 2003 to 2005 he was chairman of the Commercial Bar Association. In 2004 this judge brother of Tony Blair was chairman of the International Monetary Law Committee of the (globalist) International Law Association. During 2006 this judge was chairman of the Qatar Financial Centre Appeals Body. In May 2009 this career judge was co-convener of the Qatar Law Forum of Global Leaders in Law. Since 1994 the judge has held the post of visiting professor of law at the (funny money) London School of Economics. As of 1999 the judge has held a visiting law professorship at the Centre for Commercial Law.

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