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Silver Squelchers Thirty One & Their Interesting Associates

Silver Squelchers Thirty One & Their Interesting Associates

Royal & Hereditary Nobility Ancestry Part One

by Charles Savoie

Take 32 seconds to hear what should be The Pilgrims theme music!

“He spoke openly against the Society”

(Line from “The Rifleman,” March 3, 1963)

1) Charles William Neuhauser (year of birth undetermined; Pilgrims Society as of; also undetermined but definitely verified; probably over ten years standing) has Schuyler lineage on his mother’s side. This word means “scholar” and is pronounced “sky-lur.” The Schuylers are a very old-line Dutch colonial family tracing to ancestors of Peter Schuyler (1657-1724) who was the first mayor of Albany, New York and became 22nd colonial Governor of New York (1719-1720). The Schuyler Mansion in Albany is a National Historic Landmark. The Schuylers were known as “Patroons,” meaning the heads of companies and/or very large landowners. They became related by marriage to other patroons like the Van Cortlandts, Van Rensselaers, and the English Livingstons. These lines have continued to be represented to this moment in The Pilgrims Society New York, always at least several members, including with Schuyler maternal ancestry. There is no telling how much accumulated wealth this all represents. The Van Rensselaers owned among other tracts, 700,000 acres around Albany, New York. As the centuries passed such landholdings would rise to immense valuations; but of course, the tax assessor people would remain in their vest pockets to cover it up and toss the tax bite onto others not part of the phalanx of intermarried wealth! From 1764 to 1840 part of the Van Rensselaers lands went from nearly zero inhabitants to 50,000—and they were all paying rent to the dynasty! Their wealth expressed in modern terms is estimated at $68 billion. We read—

“Established in 1629 as the patroonship of Rensselaerswijck, this massive land possession of the Van Rensselaer family (commonly regarded as measuring twenty-four by forty-eight miles at the time of Stephen’s birth) had survived the British takeover from the Dutch in 1664, when it became an English manor, and would subsequently survive the American Revolution.”

Nicholas M. Butler, president of The Pilgrims United States (1928-1946), married Susanna Schuyler (Who’s Who in America, 1930-1931, page 441). See #5 Silver Squelchers, pages 17-29, for the profile on Nicholas Murray Butler, who in his time impresses me more than Henry Kissinger (Pilgrims Society) ever did!

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