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Silver Squelchers 20 & Their Interesting Associates: Investment Bankers in The Pilgrims Society #2

Silver Squelchers 20 & Their Interesting Associates
Investment Bankers in The Pilgrims Society #2

by Charles Savoie

1) John Charles Straton Jr. (1932—: Pilgrims Society as of undetermined) has info in the 2014 Who’s Who in the East, pages 1367-1368—

The December 21, 1907 New York Times, front page headline read, “Ruined Speculator Kills J.H. Oliphant Then Shoots Himself in the Brokerage Office of his Victim Who Dies at 2:00 AM Today, Fortune of $75,000 Gone” we read:

“James H. Oliphant, senior member of the Stock Exchange firm of James H. Oliphant Co., and one of the best-known brokers in this city, was shot, and mortally wounded in his office at 20 Broad Street yesterday afternoon by Dr. Charles A. Geiger of Beaufort, S.C., a ruined speculator, who for two years or more had been a customer of the Oliphant firm. Dr. Geiger then turned the revolver on himself and sent the bullet into his brain, dying instantly.”

My “Pilgrims meter” tells me that Oliphant was a member, though he wasn’t a charter member as of January 1903—

The 2005 Who’s Who in America, page 3502, shows David Olyphant (note spelling variation) as a member of The Pilgrims. He was a Citibank executive, an officer of the English Speaking Union (direct Pilgrims subsidiary) and involved with the American Trust for the British Library.

John Charles Straton Jr. was with Oliphant & Company for 19 years, then went to Spencer, Trask & Company (1975-1977) when then merged with the Hornblower & Weeks investment bank (described in detail in #7 Silver Squelchers, pages 22-34. Next there was a merger with Loeb, Rhoades & Company, connected to Pilgrims Society member John L. Loeb Jr., who became Ambassador to Denmark (1981-1983). Loeb Jr. was in The Pilgrims 1980 roster and had holdings in Holly Sugar Corporation, Cuban Atlantic Sugar, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad and others. Afterwards these firms underwent yet another merger into Shearson Loeb Rhoades then Shearson Lehman Brothers. In 1993 Straton bounced to Smith Barney & Company, which merged with Salomon Brothers; and finally today is part of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.



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