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Presented April 2017 by Charles Savoie

(Focus on a member of The Pilgrims Society, Monetary Enemies of World Civilization!)

I want to describe a tremendous man who is most likely unknown to you; however, he was hell on wheels and then some in mining, racehorses, water development, agriculture, railroads, banking and more. He was “as wealthy as a Rajah, as powerful as a Vanderbilt, yet nameless as John Doe.” His influence is still on the scene today over a century after his passing. He lived 1822 to 1914 and piled up a fortune of huge dimensions from 160+ mining projects from Alaska to Chile to Korea and was thought by many to be the third wealthiest man in America after Rockefeller and Carnegie. Our focus personality here became a member, like Carnegie and the Rockefellers, of a group I will briefly describe; following this we’ll describe the person matching the title of this essay. Perjury, fraud and plunder unpunished; the hallmark of Olympian scale racketeers who control the laws of nations!

The diamond and gold mining trust organizer in South Africa, Cecil Rhodes, the biggest of the “Randlords,”
planned the formation of a group of men similar to himself which would remain unknown to the public. Its members would be recruited from the then British Empire and the American “colonies” (the British refuse to think otherwise). The group is described (without being specifically named) in the Review of Reviews, New York, May 1902, article on the life and ambitions of Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) whose fronting for the Rothschilds (became members) is more widely known than his fronting for the Royals (sponsors of the organization) —

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