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Is Krauth a silver expert?

Is Krauth a silver expert? Read what the real historian Charles Savoie has proven…

Krauth stated—

“Interestingly, silver was not targeted by Executive Order 6102. Now, we can’t know if there will ever again be anything akin to this Oval Office edict – much less what it might cover and might say.
But going on the past, and considering the size of the silver market relative to gold, silver could be a way to own a precious metal that just might sidestep any risk of future confiscation.”


Silver did not sidestep FDR’s metals thefts!! August 10, 1934, front page New York Times—

If only people touted as experts had adequate historical background! EO 6814 issued on August 9, 1934, caused the public to be dispossessed of 113,031,000 oz silver as of February 1937 as documented with court acceptable data in my 312 page week by week documentary of the FDR gold/silver seizure at the site linked. For the sake of the FACTS alone, I HOPE this post won’t get deleted due to some absurd personality popularity profile parade.

I’m sending out as many notices as I can to watch out for this piece of bad info from Krauth, neglected aspect fallacy! EO 6102 didn’t have to address silver, EO 6814 addressed it! I don’t think he’d intentionally put out faulty info, but when faulty info is placed before investors, from any source—it needs correcting. The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, New York, is the main source of data on this travesty; the Wall Street Journal was the main data source from the General Services Administration’s silver “auctions” to the SUA that ended in fall 1970.

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