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“Can I trust investing in silver or gold right now, either as commodities or finding “good” public companies?”

The answer is yes, always, and everywhere. (3 Ways to Grow Your Portfolio With Help From The Morgan Report)

The reason that’s the answer is because silver and gold both are sovereign wealth. They’re the only monetary or financial assets that are outside of today’s flimsy financial system.

This means that they, alone, stand for purchasing power and wealth preservation. So if you own silver, or gold, you can exchange it for something—goods or services—anywhere in the world.

As far as the other part of the question, silver equities, I would say if you’re willing to use some discipline and buy in throughout the next several months I think it’ll be a good approach. Even though we’re seeing some rallies, I do expect to see gold and silver top out here rather briefly and then probably back and fill and actually come down again. There are opportunities going forward, but that’s on the stock side. On the metal side itself, if you don’t own it you should try to get it, basically as soon as possible.

David Morgan, The Morgan Report

Everyone is talking about the change in the market, and as you have read, David Morgan is one person who puts change into action – he does exactly what he writes about in The Morgan Report.

Recently we’ve been flooded with inquiries and subscribers from all over the world who have read and even seen David personally, people like you who want to know how to make money investing in the metals markets (specifically silver and gold) and need to know who are the top companies leading the recovery.

A lot of people who were never tuned into the gold and silver story are just becoming very aware of it. Many of them who were never gold bugs are discovering gold as a place that they need to have at least part of their assets in, and that’s taking place on a global basis.

Because of that fact, the supply of gold and silver that is available for investment and purchases is diminishing rapidly. We’re going to reach a point over the next year or two where we see it’s almost impossible to find investment grade gold and silver in size.

That’s why it is important to know who to trust — from someone you can trust — like thousands of subscribers do every month with The Morgan Report.

Here’s 3 ways you can gain the edge:

1. Try the Morgan Report for just $9.99 to start: if you like it, you will get it every month, where we put everything we have into giving you insights into money, metals, and mining. David Morgan is more than a researcher, he has been fascinated by the silver markets since he was 11. His unique experience and the hands-on approach he takes to investing will help you build your portfolio based on information you can trust.

2. Just released: Upgrade to The Morgan Report Premium ($9.99 to try it out): Beyond the newsletter, you want updates and access to David’s expertise. Upgrade and you will receive private alerts & updates from David, plus two roundtable calls each month where he answers your questions; limited to 200 members only. The Morgan Report Premium will deliver updates to you via email, IM, or a desktop tool — it’s your choice, giving you a chance to submit your questions and get answers from David Morgan himself.

3. Direct and/or Live: You can schedule a consultation with David Morgan in person or via phone , or attend a live seminar. If you would like to have David Morgan speak, please arrange a time to connect here.

You can thrive in down markets, if you know where to look and when to move. It’s what David Morgan does every day, loves to do, and why he shares his insights through the Morgan Report.

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