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Are You Buying From Silver Users?

Are You Buying From Silver Users?
by Charles Savoie:

Ted Butler’s latest suggestion about Suing JP Morgan and the COMEX has prompted these thoughts. My response at Gold Silver Worlds physical was this—

“Ted is the best of the best explaining these nuts and bolts. But where is his grasp of monetary matters? I see it not! The CME only cares about generating more fee income? No, it’s also an instrument of monetary suppression. Consumers have no input into pricing? No—the Silver Users Association has input into pricing. In the 1980 silver crash, a COMEX board member, Andrew Brimmer, was on the Federal Reserve Board several years earlier and was a Du Pont director at the time they slit silver’s throat.

Does anyone seriously think that SUA companies like Dow Chemical and Du Pont lack banking relationships with JPM Chase? Apart from these deficiencies, Ted’s article is quite commendable; but let us not be hindered by neglected aspect fallacies. I think if Ted took time to reflect, he’d at least agree on this metals consumer aspect. They are shorts—not neutrals. All raw materials users want the lowest price. Additionally there’s the problem of a Federal lawsuit having to be filed in Federal court. Who appoints Federal judges? The President appoints them. Judge Patterson who dismissed the silver lawsuit came straight from Rockefeller University Council. CME Group director William Miller II worked for the Rockefeller Foundation. Not happenstance.

The President is always a tool of these metals price squelchers; he belongs to The Pilgrims Society (see Google images) to which top bankers also belong. Morgan Chase has huge influence in all Presidential nominating processes, insuring the “right” judges will be appointed. Terrence Duffy of CME is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, with Charles Evans head of the Chicago Fed Bank and Glenn Tilton of JPM Chase.

We may as well add the Federal Reserve as a defendant. As for The Pilgrims Society, a Congressional subpoena may be the only way to pry a roster out of the innards of this secretive oyster that ties us so strongly to the British financial establishment. What is the President doing involved with a group few people have ever heard of? The Royals come to see Obama; metals are still suppressed in his administration; and we see the continuing absurdity of $50 stamped on one ounce Canadian gold Maple Leaf coins made by the Royal Mint!”

Judge Patterson’s father was a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Andrew Brimmer, in addition to being a Du Pont director, was also at the time silver was exploded, a director of Bank of America. Who’s Who in America volumes, 1978-1981, confirm this. Bank of America was listed as a Silver Users Association member several years ago.

I am all for another silver lawsuit to be filed. However, with virtually all Federal judges corrupt, the chances are distant. All a judge has to do is say the regulator (CFTC) released its findings, and could not identify any malpractice in silver futures! But by all means—file the suit. A one in a thousand chance is worth going for. Meantime—are you all paying attention? When you shop for non-food items at supermarkets, or at a home improvement megastore, or a hardware store, or at an auto supply store—are you checking labels? Are you buying consumer products from Silver Users Association companies? Here’s their latest roster Yes! I intentionally edited the URL to end with three suitable letters. For consumers, besides jewelry items from egotistical snob boor Tiffany & Company and lower-end upstart James Avery

Craftsman (a “Christian” company they call themselves), consumer products made by Dow Chemical and Du Pont should be avoidable.

These are the twin pillars of the Silver Users Association. Dow Chemical has been justifiably attacked for price fixing and massive groundwater contamination. SUA member Union Carbide merged into Dow Chemical in 2001. Americans of Indian national descent are often boycotters of Dow products. At it’s claimed the 1984 Bhopal, India, chemical disaster was caused by “industrial sabotage;” however, my understanding is that it was a refusal to spend funds for proper safe handling (refrigeration) of lethal chemicals that caused the leak! describes Du Pont products—including paint. Before buying anything chemical related, check the label for these undesirable manufacturers Dow Chemical paints. These chemical giants couldn’t exist without silver metal as a catalyst—and very hatefully abuse those who produce silver, unceasingly injuring their profitability. Hopefully none of you are banking with any megabank!

Dow and Du Pont are both in the water filtration business, very hypocritically as they’re the top two groundwater polluters in the U.S. and probably the world. In the scheme of things boycotting these interests isn’t a big blow against them. However, any lawful retaliation should be activated. A large advertising agency, Young & Rubicam, handles accounts for both mega-companies. Have a glance at a listing from page 1046 of the 1984-1985 Who’s Who in America to see a character who started with Y & R—

Yeah podnuh! Give me any opportunity; I’ll be mentioning The Pilgrims Society again! I checked their site which went up 5 and a half months after my Silver Stealers documentary went up (January 2011) I had the objective of checking again to see if the world’s premier gold and silver suppressors group has finally posted a roster. Nope! The Pilgrims remain the only globalist group still refusing to do what became standard for the others (under their management) and that is to post visible lists. This particular member married a Morgan who may be of the JP Morgan lineage; unconfirmed.

Alricks is a family name descended from the leaders of the Amsterdam Colony on the Delaware River circa 1657. In this person’s lineage also I notice a prominent judge and a leading banker in Baltimore in the 1800s, and a familial relation to the Cabell family (agriculture) and a direct link to the McCormick family of Chicago (International Harvester fortune). Additionally in his genealogical background is the Bruce family, largely based in Maryland. Note Fisher chaired the David Bruce Foundation,

Named after a Pilgrims Society vice president in the late 60’s to at least the mid 70’s. Bruce was Ambassador to France, West Germany, England and NATO. Bruce was son in law of Pilgrims member Andrew Mellon, Treasury Secretary in three administrations and anti-silver activist. Bruce’s older brother James was also a Pilgrims member and a director of silver antagonist Chase National Bank. The Bruces descend directly from King Robert the Bruce of Scotland (1306-1329). This seems rather mysterious Also in his complex genealogy is the name Wessel, tracing to nobles in Saxon England over 1,100 years ago. Marriages between powerful families have been a premier way of concentrating wealth and this goes way, way back. It’s been in practice since the world’s first kingdoms and empires.

An amazing (and worrisome) amount of royalty passed on their genetics into this nearly unknown group. Fisher was a partner in Ramco Oil & Gas of Oklahoma City and owned a winery in Napa Valley Fisher was a partner in major metals antagonist Goldman Sachs during the Hunt/Arab silver play (and the crushing thereof) and during his stretch (1974-1986) saw lower level Goldman personalities Jeffrey Christian and Gary Gensler, ex-of the CFTC chairmanship. The chance of another silver lawsuit being summarily dismissed by a Federal judge appears quite high. It’s a dreamland theory; however, sometimes a bought off person breaks ranks. That’s a very off chance, and it’s all we are likely to have with a legal approach. We have a moral duty, however, to fight the metals suppressors, and should attempt all avenues, even when the deck is long since stacked against fairplay.

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