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Research Shows ALL Paper Money Systems Failed

We often read or hear quotes like “paper money eventually fail” and “paper money always returns to its intrinsic value which is zero.” In this article, we provide evidence why these statements are true, backed by research in which 599 different forms of paper money have been analyzed. We explain in an easy to understand way what money fundamentally is, how monetary policies of governments are affecting everyone of us and how gold is first and foremost an alternative form of money (for each and every one of us, not only for an elite). Courtesy of Vince Cate for the incredibly valuable research and David Morgan who referred us to the research materials.

Gold analysts argue that gold is the only form of real money, as it is the only tangible form of money that has survived 5,000 years of monetary history. Against that background, a critical event has taken place on August 15th 1971: former US President Nixon “closed the gold window.” He announced the decision to give up the Bretton Woods agreement (click to see the original version of his speech). What seems to most people a political decision is in reality affecting everyone of us in a way only a minority of people can understand. In fact, it’s touching our lives today more than ever.

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Question of the Week

Dear Silver Investor readers,

Please watch the video below of Marin Katusa

Most of you do not know but Marin actually was a contributor to TMR quite some time ago. In my view he is one of the best and brightest in the industry and it is worth your time to give him twelve minutes.

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David Morgan – Riding The Silver Channel To Huge Profits

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Rare Opportunity to Buy Silver Below Spot — Kerry Lutz

Question of the Week

Question: David , Do you know of a good listing of the metals and how they are performing on a weekly basis?

Answer : There are several and a quick Google search will pull up some you can receive for free. One that I like the best is from Bob Johnson and he started his way back in the beginning of the commodities cycle. He provides both the metals and energy.

Here is a list from this week. You need to subscribe to the Google Groups


————————————————————— Besra Gold Canada Carbon Deveron Resources Ginguro Exploration Kesselrun Resources Nilam Resources SGX Resources Victory Mountain Ventures





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Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan-The Eventual Rush to Silver

In this interview with The Ellis Martin Report, David Morgan discusses the probably parabolic rise in silver and the root causes for it as the demand continues to increase against an underperforming supply of the metal. Mr. Morgan also discusses the recent gold and silver sell-off and whether or not that was a manipulation. Will we see any moves in the final weeks of 2012? It’s always an insightful interview with the expert on metals, mining and money, David Morgan

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