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Safe Storage for Precious Metals from an Expert’s point of view

I have heard many shows recently discuss the potential liability issues of various vaults, such as, whether or not there is actually the correct amount of precious metals in those vaults.

There have been precious metal storage facilities, precious metal dealers, or fund management companies on many internet shows discussing the concepts surrounding the recent worries of vault facilities not having the items or the precious metal program not securing the assets they are representing to their clients.

A few shows discuss what unallocated and allocated storage represent. Being an expert in the vaulting business and running a successful gold and silver storage program and physical bullion fund, I wanted to clarify some of the misinformation that is going around the internet. Many financial advisors and dealers may also not be aware of the actual differences between the various forms of storage. This is evident when many internet programs assume allocated storage is the most secure form of storage. This is not the case.

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Silver Investor: Economic Updates

Question of the Week

No question of the week.. this week instead we suggest to listen to this week’s audio. David Morgan was one of four guests invited by Jim Puplava for a gold roundtable that visited many of the current issues and longer term outlook for the precious metals.

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Golden State Mint

I have been doing business with Golden State Mint and they are one of our preferred dealers for precious metals.

This week we want to feature their fractional ounce silver products. However they can provide almost any precious metals product.

Being a mint they can also turn bullion in rounds if you so desire. I have done so in the past and am presently working on a Silver Investor round.

Dealing directly with the Mint enables you to eliminate the middlemen.

Get more value for your dollar and receive your product faster!

The Golden State Mint is a full-service mint. We melt, extrude, and strike silver rounds on site daily! With our high-volume production facility we are enabled to provide customers with the most competitive pricing and fastest deliveries in the industry. We have been in the business of precious metals, refining and minting for over 30 years, and will give you total reliability and confidence.

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Audio of the Week

David Morgan interviewed by Ellis Martin of The Opportunity Show

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David Morgan

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Weekend Gold, Silver, Nat Gas, Oil & SP500 Report

Last week the market slowly recovered from the recent sell off in stocks and commodities. So far the market is unfolding as we expected and with any luck there will be a surge of low risk setups across the market in the near future.

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David Morgan

Silver, Oil, SP500 & Gold Newsletter Charts

Silver, Oil, SP500 & Gold Newsletter Charts
Gold Newsletter – April 21st, 2010
It’s been, an interesting week as stocks and commodities claw their way back up after the end of week sell off on Friday. Most of the chart technical are pointing to another wave lower for gold, silver, oil and the broad market.

This next wave of selling would form an ABC retrace pattern on the commodity charts and this pattern is bullish. Also commodity prices would drop to key support levels which would most likely provide a low risk entry point depending on the price and volume action at that time. So lower price is good for the big picture which is higher prices.

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Gold & NYSE Index Charts Unfold

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Easter Holiday!

This is quick update as its Easter Sunday and it’s a time to relax with the family.

Below are two charts and my thoughts on what I am looking for in the coming days and weeks.

Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Daily Chart

As you can see the price action of gold has been trading within a few patterns the past couple months.  First we saw a nice ABC Retrace correction and now it looks like a possible reverse Head & Shoulders or Wedge pattern is forming.

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