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Audio- Questions on Precious Metals with Morgan

The teleconference was so successful with Republic Magazine that I was asked to come
back before year end, and dive right into the questions as so many were in que last time.

So this conference was an hour long or so, however you want to listen to the end for a
special New Year’s offer!

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We are going to a blog format in 2010

The Bull Market in Precious Metals is just beginning

Not my take.. the Bull Market began in 2000 for Gold and 2003 for silver, but the author
makes some good points. Basically, the bull market is far from over and that is something
we agree with.


While it has come off its highs, gold is still up 30% this year and, many factors still point
to a long term bull trend.

As we see the end of another year, and even though the price of gold has come
off its highs of over $1225, the price gold gained some 30% this year. Now,
as the dollar rebounds from it’s lows, and

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